“I have exhibited both locally and nationally, and have been recognized through sales, selection, awards, and the media. My work as an artist is very much influenced by what is surrounding me. I am inspired by what is currently happening around me be it political , cultural, or emotional. Therefore my work constantly changes in reaction.”Each painting is an individual in every sense of the word. Each painting is an original one off piece and also an individual emotion. I paint instinctively …and often without a plan. My paintings are reactions to something, or a desire for something. I try to express the subconscious thoughts and needs that we all have as human beings.

The little girl is a predominant feature in my work. She represents the innocence and fragility that is in us all, male or female.The use of buildings is also a predominant feature in my work. Representing internal and external worlds. Doorways and windows are ways to look in from outside and to look out from inside.

The style of painting of  the drawing style paintings has come from the use of bitumen in printmaking. The consistency of the tar drew me to it as a method of drawing. I then went about trying to find a way to translate it into paint.I love the energy of this method of painting/drawing. It is very fluid and random. It almost has a mind of its own and I am its director.

“In her latest series, Hartigan explores the whimsical technique of paint dripping. Her canvases are ignited with excited animation and emotional intensity as delicate bands of color dance across a white, monochromatic backdrop. Combining Jackson Pollock’s improvisational dynamism with her interest in the human form, Hartigan’s work is refreshingly unique and distinct from any of her Irish contemporaries.” Duke Street Gallery, Dublin

I have come from a traditional background of painting having been involved with the Limerick Art Society from the age of 14. Through college I had the opportunity to explore more contemporary ideas. Since then I have been combining the traditional painting methods with the more modern.