Clare Hartigan

Contemporary Artist


Clare Hartigan is a graduate of Limerick Art College and currently a Gallery Artist for the prestigious and internationally recognised Duke Street gallery in Dublin. 

For the past few years Hartigan has worked with Electric Picnic creating the DIVA Project, and also establishing the ethos and structure and for the POPA Gallery Walls also at Electric Picnic. 

My paintings are worked in a drawn style which has come from the use of bitumen in printmaking. The consistency of the tar drew me to it as a method of drawing. I then went about trying to find a paint that would translate. The result is the paintings I have worked to date.

I love the energy of this method of painting/drawing. It is very fluid and random. It almost has a mind of its own and I am its director.

“ Hartigan's paintings are ignited with excited animation and emotional intensity, as delicate bands of colour, dance across a white, monochromatic backdrop.

Hartigan's work is refreshingly unique and distinct from any of her Irish contemporaries. “ Duke Street Gallery, Dublin