Festival and Party Art work for Hire 

“The Murphigans” are a family of changeling characters that live in the trees and protect the earth. They build their own tree swing nests and give safe passage through the woods.  

Each having their own strength  and virtue, they believe in rewarding a good heart.

However they can quite mischievious if crossed.

They like to be acknowledged with a simple wave, a tip of the hat and even better they love to be sung to.

Each piece is handcrafted and painted from marine ply and primed for out door use.

Please Email art@clarehartigan.com for further information on pricing. All Prices are based on the hire of individual art work.
Cost will be determined on bulk orders and can include a quantity discount, depending on transport and installation requirement. 

Sinead the Squirrel :  €400
The Book :                     €1100
Alice the  Hare)            €400 
Aisling the Fox).           €400
Fiona the King Fisher €250
Oisin the Owl                €250 
Fae the Fairy Fairy        €200
Mr. Murphigan              €250

The Fox and the Daisies €8500 ( for sale only)

All sculptures are two sided and need to be hung from a tree or attached to a pole. 
The inside of the Book